Esthetics by Kristin

Facials Starting at
Express Facial $ 35
- a mini version of a full facial, 30 minute  
Back Facial $ 60
Microdermabrasion $ 60
Eye Treatment Addon $ 15

Facial Waxing Starting at
Eyebrow $ 14
Upper Lip $ 8
Chin $ 8
Sides of Face $ 16
Full Face $ 28

Body Waxing Starting at
Underarms $ 20
Arms $ 35
Chest $ 40
Stomach $ 12
Back $ 50
Top half of Leg (above Knee) $ 35
Lower Half of Leg (below Knee) $ 32
Full Leg $ 60
Basic Bikini $ 30
Semi-Brazilian $ 45
Full-Brazilian $ 55

With 11 years experience, Kristin has a vast knowledge of skin care and makeup.

Her advanced training includes acne treatments, speed waxing, peels, microdermabrasion and air brush makeup techniques.

She graduated from Don Roberts beauty school and has experience in spas locally and in the city of Chicago.

Prior to joining Downtown Hair Studio, she worked at Renew Day Spa on the Magnificent Mile.

Kristin's favorite part of her job is seeing results. She enjoys helping others reveal the skin they have always desired.

Retail Products: Only YOURx Skin Care: Holistic Botanicals.

Full Facials Starting at
Each facial treatment comes with a complimentary skin analysis, pre and post care recommendations, and treatment consultation. Full facials are designed to concentrate on specific needs of your skin type which can include high frequency treatments and galvanic treatments. 60 minutes

Hydrating Facials
Moisture Boost $ 65
A skin care treatment especially formulated for thirsty, rough-textured, sensitive and aging skins. A special gauze-like mask drenched in warm paraffin wax is applied to your face. Essential vitamins and humectants penetrate surface skin layers, boosting your skin's ability to retard moisture loss.
Intensive Moisture Extreme $ 65
This intensive treatment is recommended for skins that are severely out-of-balance. Sedating botanicals soothe irritated, dry skin while intercellular enriched actives repair and restore moisture. Leaves the skin ultra smooth and radiant
-with Microdermabrasion $ 110

Calming & Soothing
Tissue Healing $ 70
The ultimate skin treatment for sensitive, blotchy or irritated skins. Healing botanicals and skin vitamins leave skin calm, balanced and stress-free. The treatment utilizes a cold hydro-therapy mask application and moisturizers to ensure optimum hydration of your skin's moisture barrier.
Capillary Calm $ 70
For skin experiencing couperose, capillary distention, rosacea, redness or blotchiness. Plant extracts, hydro-therapies and specialized massage techniques are used to encourage the flushing of extra cellular wastes. Hydrated with a two-step desensitizing fluid, your skin's vitality will be noticeably improved.

Oily & Acne Facials
Deep Tissue Cleansing $ 75
This comprehensive treatment is essential for maintaining your skin's overall appearance. Follicular impactions are cleansed away with enzymatic exfoliation. Your treatment will finish with a special mask therapy that will purge cellular wastes leaving pores cleaned and refined. Your skin will never look better.
Deep Pore Cleansing $ 80
There is nothing like blemish-free skin. Whether you're constantly combating blackheads or having problems with breakouts, this deep pore cleansing can be the solution. Specialized techniques using emulsifiers, exfoliaters and hydrators will soften follicular impactions allowing for ease in removal. Your skin will feel soft, smooth and be on its way to becoming blemish-free.

Anti-Aging Facials
Tissue Toning $ 80
This treatment benefits many. Your skin is prepared with a specialized massage using techniques to relax you and stimulate circulation. A mineral mask is applied to gently tighten and stimulate skin tissue, drawing impurities out of pores and hydrating upper skin layers, increasing your skin's elasticity and minimizing fine lines. The results - radiant appearance and youthful feeling skin
Tissue Renewal $ 85
This treatment is especially formulated to treat common concerns such as fine lines and wrinkles, capillary distention, dehydration and rough texture. This anti-aging facial will smooth and hydrate the skin's surface, increasing cell turnover rate and improve your skin's elasticity. Your skin will be left healthy and loaded with antioxidants to fight off the age-accelerating effects of free radicals
Multi Vitamin C Antioxidant $ 90
A great treatment for fighting off the harmful effects of free radicals. Papaya enzymes exfoliate dull, surface cells. Hydrating botanicals are massaged into the skin in preparation of antioxidant loading. Next, Vitamin C and other powerful vitamins are massaged into the skin to nourish the tissue. Biologically revitalizing, this treatment softens lines, moisturizes and leaves the skin with a healthy glow.
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